Pathologic: The Marble Nest – Pre-Alpha Demo Download

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You know the story, it’s one that’s haunted the back of your mind for many years. The plague is a reality and now is the time for you to decide whether or not you want to face it. Pathologic is a most strange and macabre world that has captured many essences, and none of them of the norm. Bizarre creatures and odd characters inhabit this run-down, plague-ridden world, each full of intrigue and wonder, no matter how pleasant or miserable. In this dark and unfortunate world, you’ll take point as one of its three unremarkable residents. The goal? Of course survival is the main objective, however you’re going to be helping the citizens of this realm, playing doctor in a way.

The first thing to understand is that none of the characters you play are actually certified doctors. Admitting this, you’ll find yourself at peace with your abilities and limits, before you go off thinking you’re the miracle worker of this decaying land. Second of all, knowledge of the plague itself is key. Knowing how it works will determine whether or not you’re ready to even set foot out the front door of your home. There’s a bitter flavor of irony in all this, particularly when looking at how one fights the plague. Antibiotics can fend off infection, but at a grave cost. The best way to deal with the affliction is death, but how will you continue helping people if you’re dead? As the clock is ticking, you’ll have to balance your health, infection, hunger and more as you look for a way to make it on your own, or help those who suffer alongside you. Now is the time to decide.

Download the alpha demo on Steam.

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