Paint The Town Red – Prototype Download – Pre-Alpha Access

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You don’t mean it, but you’ll Paint The Town Red as you’ll start dirty fights against a biker gangs, people at the pub, or at a disco club. A first person bar fighting game where you just engage in fights using your fists or whatever you have available in your surrounding area.

You’re minding your own businesses but soon you figure out that everyone wants to fight you and knock you out / kill you. So you starting fighting back with punches, picking up a chair and smacking someone’s head with it, or poke someone’s eye out with a pool stick, and at points do really cool moves like what we’d like to call “bullet fingers”.

Update: Now that the pre-alpha is out in the wild, we can say that it definitely improved from the prototype with great visual upgrades, more levels, better animations and models, new abilities and a lot more beautiful blood, and the fun them is still alive and kicking even more now.

Download the prototype here.

Get access to the pre-alpha with the full game here.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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