Owlboy – Pre-Alpha Demo Download

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Having goldfish with tophats is pretty impressive. Owlboy is a 2D action adventure puzzle platformer where you player as a young Owl boy named Otus alongside his friend, who set out on an adventure after his village got attacked by sky pirates.

We’ve heard there was a prototype/pre-alpha demo for the game released back in 2011, and we managed to find a site that hosted it. We downloaded it, played it and very much enjoyed all what it had to offer from being a beautiful looking game to solid gameplay mechanics.

We hope the developers don’t remove this early demo, so do keep in mind this is their proof of concept, and a future demo of the full finished game will be much better in all areas in comparison to this demo.

Download the pre-alpha demo here.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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