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Metroidvania games are very nostalgic for me. I remember playing the old Metroid games, the games that the metroidvania style is named after. I could spend hours playing these types of games. That is pretty much what I did with a new 16-bit metroidvania game, Outbuddies. You are a marine biologist that specializes in the study of deep sea lifeforms. You awake around 36,000 feet under the sea, half-dead and connected to a strange device.

This strange device is a Buddy unit that you can control fully. It has several powers that allows you to change your environment to help you fight off countless enemies and help you get back home. It can help by allowing you to move large objects with its telekinesis or hack into ancient machines. You can also play coop and they can help you fight off the fierce enemies.

The enemy designs are unique and amazing. The A.I. for them is very intelligent as they will not simply just let you shoot and kill them. They will do everything in their power to kill you. The only other allies you have is a tribe of mining creatures called the Wozan. They fear the creatures as they have been enslaved by them for around 5,000 years. You must also continue, not just for yourself, but to also help your new friends. The music is intense and can give you a major sense of eeriness. Makes you think that there are much larger and much or powerful powers at work here in the deep sea.

Download the pre-beta demo on the game’s website.

Vote for the game out on Steam Greenlight.

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