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Currently in the early stages of development, racing puzzle title Out of Fuel offers an interesting twist on a time trial-based gameplay. This one sets up courses where the player must reach the goal using the least amount of fuel possible. Obviously taking the shortest route there is the way to go, but it’s not going to be easy. You’ll be playing these puzzles a few times over to really get the best time possible. You’re going to have to fight against nature, odd terrain and man-made structures to get to that goal, and the excellent physics simulation only makes it more difficult. Those who try to cruise through the maps are going to be hitting that restart button quite a bit.

On the first map, I floored it once I figured out the controls. This didn’t end well the first, second or twenty-third time. I hit a ramp, which is your very first obstacle (it’s not much of an obstacle, I just made it more difficult than necessary). You’ll know it when you see it, because the second thing you’ll see after the ramp is the rapid approach of trees, and you’ll flip your jeep easily. I confused myself trying to locate the actual goal, which looks like one hemisphere of Epcot’s Spaceship Earth painted gold. It stands out among the backdrop of nature, which should be obvious. To everyone but me. There is a second course, however it’s just a straightaway that takes a really long time to get to the end. When you open the game, you may choose to login with your Gamejolt account or make a visitor alias. Each course keeps track of who made it to the end with the least amount of fuel. Good luck beating that first one, hopefully we’ll see a handful of new courses with more obstacles to crash into!

Download the prototype build.

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