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Man have I always wanted to live a nightmare full of disturbed creatures and labyrinthian urban mazes. I could be talking about real life, because that’s essentially what it is, but no, I’m not letting you off with experiencing the mundane. For a truly nightmarish foray into the macabre, Organ Quarter delivers on VR. A virtual reality first-person exploration puzzle horror survival you say? It sounds more like the dream than the nightmare, but not after you see what depraved mutated abominations emerge from the bleeding shadows surrounding you. This IP (which is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter) is a lonely trek through a Silent Hill-inspired hellish realm.

Looking around you, it’s apparent that this city has endured a catastrophe of some sort, and whatever remained in the ash-covered resting place is a corrupted festering wound. You might not want to stick around to witness how this place swallows entire souls, but unfortunately you’re going to witness all of its attempts on your way out. This world is a living, breathing puzzle with foreboding decor and hostile residents. Nothing in this place will be your friend, and you can always count on everything to deceive you. You might begin to feel like you’re not wanted, but it may just be the opposite. Organ Quarter is one party you’ll be dying to get out of, but the festivities might have an unexpected effect on you. The game offers classic survival-horror elements like extremely limited supplies forcing that old inventory management challenge, and large areas to explore riddled with difficult puzzles. The project is dedicated to staying true to the golden age of the genre while presenting the experience in the immersive VR console.

Download the pre-alpha demo on Steam.

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