ORBITOR – Beta Access

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Do you want to play a game to relax by flying through space, gliding as smooth as possible and looking at beautiful warm and mesmerizing visuals? Well look no further than ORBITOR, a game that’s been long in development and now it’s out in playable form to relieve your stress and provide you with great enjoyment.

It’s a top-down adventure/exploration game where you go from one system to another, soaring through them as a droid on a mission to dismantle gravity machines to save the world by circling them really fast. You continue to do this over and over, and it’s always fun and relaxing to do so because of how smooth easy the controls are, combined with beautiful the visuals and a soothing soundtrack beside it.

Get access to the beta with the full game here.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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