One Small Step – Prototype Jam Download

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If you liked playing QWOP then you’re gonna love One Small Step, a ragdoll-based walking sim game that you can download its prototype, one that’s made during a game jam in Guildford, developed by a three-man of Liam de Valmency, the designer and coder, Lewis Thompson the sound effects artist, and Holley Gray for the music.

Instead of pressing QWOP keys, you’ll be controlling six joints with Q W E for the upper legs and A S D for the lower legs, as well as using the Shift key to contract those legs, and you’ll also be controlling the camera with the arrow keys.

The big Invasion is looming and oh no you can barely walk?!?!
You’d better get training! You just have to move your legs and go forward and not fall over and get to the finish line and celebrate.

Download the prototype jam game on its itch page.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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