OMNO – Alpha and Beta Sign-Up

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Indie studio Inkyfox is accepting both alpha and beta sign-ups for their upcoming game OMNO, a third person adventure puzzle platformer where you play as a what looks like a chill kid with nice magical powers, exploring a beautiful semi-open world solving puzzles and enjoying the calming views.

OMNO is still in a pre-alpha state with a lot of placeholder elements in place, but already the gameplay looks solid and the magical powers you’ll play around with looks really fun, especially how you’ll ride on your staff, teleport/brink to out of reach areas, and gliding down from a high point in a game.

I’m honestly very excited to check out the game and play with its powers to explore its world and solve its puzzles.

Sign-up for the alpha and beta on the game’s website.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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