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I spent a lot of time as a kid four-wheeling in a Jeep with the family. There was a certain overwhelming feeling of accomplishment when the driver pushes his vehicle up the last bit of hill, or spinning on the slickest ice, yet maintaining complete control. This feeling of dominating the terrain is something I could experience again in ScrewGames’s newest title, Offroad Showdown.

The game puts seemingly simple challenges in front of you and your offroading vehicle, like climbing a mountain or carrying cargo, then throwing tough, rugged terrain into the mix. Climbing that mountain becomes a puzzle of sorts, as you struggle to push your car through a route of specific inclines. Downhill treks with bumps and dips along the way force you to manage your speed and handling with pinpoint precision, lest any of your precious cargo bumps out of its trailer.

The medal system throws an extra wrench in the mix, with payouts increasing when the player, for instance, takes no damage. Thankfully, using the money earned from completed missions and awarded medals, the vehicle can receive a new paint-job, and even get some substantial power-ups, including bigger wheels, better suspension, and, of course, a faster engine. This game made my adrenaline pump in a way it hasn’t in years, and I can’t wait for it to pump up even more this spring.

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