Office Point Rescue, Free Game Download

Office Point Rescue, Free Game Download

Office Point Rescue is a first person retro-styled shooter, that you can actually download for free over at its itch page, which is developed by Magellanic Games.

You play as an agent named Foldon that’s on a mission to infiltrate a the headquarters of a terrorist organisation named Emeraldalo Corporation, where they’ve taken hostages and you need to save any surviving hostages, shooting your way through the building as you do so.

The game contains 6 levels of first-person arcade shooter action.  Navigate the building, finding secrets and working your way up through the building.  Obtain 3 weapons, the pistol, sub-machine gun and shotgun to aid in your fight to the top of the building.

If you enjoyed playing the game, and would like to check up on future possible updates to the game, or any other new game from the developer, then make sure to follow him on Twitter.

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