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Puzzle games have a certain charm that really helps sell them. With the gameplay just being based around the puzzles themselves, you will usually find a stunning world with interesting visuals. Obelisk is an isometric 3D puzzle game that follows that perfectly. Your character doesn’t have much of a story other than you are here with your sister and you are trying to make your way to the shrine of each level.

Every single level has only 9 chunks of land that are arranged 3×3 with some of them having a specific function. With some of them, you can click on two of the chunks and they will swap positions and there are others that are connected to a pole that can be used to rotate it around and there are others that have a wall that divides them and can cut off your route. You have to use these to your advantage to get you and your sister to the shines to complete the level. Very simple, but the way that they are implemented can leave you there sitting and staring at your screen just trying to figure out how you can use all of these to get to the end. The visuals are nice and with the isometric view, everything is laid out in front of you. There is nothing hidden here.

As the levels progress, there will come more and more levels where there will be multiple solutions to them, meaning that a little experimentation with your tools will never be a bad idea. There are a few levels, but I look forward to any further updates that will be made to expand on what is already there.

Download the prototype jam game on itch.io.

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Footage via gamejamcurator

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