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You’ve spent the majority of your prime adult life roaming the country in search of a new life. Unfortunately, that roaming has mostly been back and forth between the home and the West where you feel you’ll finally be able to escape the ghosts of your past. It’s pretty difficult to find your place in the world when you constantly have to return home for some reason or another. With your mother’s health fading, you’re pretty much obligated to be there for her. Back and forth you go, trying this and that, enlisting in the army, living as a street urchin, anything you can think of to figure out who you are and where you need to be.

Norco: Faraway Lights is a 2D text-based adventure game where you examine your surroundings and choose commands from a menu in order to interact with the game world. You’re in the midst of a miserable trip somewhere in the Western United States. You decide to call home, and when your brother answers you can already tell by the sound of his voice that this time, your mother is gone. You pack your things and change up your destination, but to where? Five years pass and you find yourself waking up from a strange dream. But are you really awake? As you find yourself in your childhood bedroom, your adventure begins and this world unfolds around you.

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