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Offering a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants experience, NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings demands the player be move quickly, all while maintaining a collected and calculated mindset. Akin to “Star Fox” or Defender, Rogue Wings offers a gorgeous space ship combat simulator where resource management and sharp movements are the key to success.

In Rogue Wings, you’ll fly a customizable ship armed with a myriad of useful weaponry at your disposal. With two different primary fires, two different secondary fires and a teleport, you’re well equipped to handle any mission given to you. The two different primary fires are both used for specific things. The disruptor ammo is used for taking down shields, and the piercing ammo is to take down health. While the disruptor ammo is equipped, the secondary fire becomes a powerful EMP that blasts heavy chunks away from enemy shields. While the piercing ammo is equipped, a missile replaces the EMP blast to offer a devastating hit to health. You’ll need to lead enemies after locking on to them in order to successfully hit faster targets.

However, your arsenal alone won’t net you an automatic victory. A careful assessment of your enemies and surroundings are a necessity in order to complete each mission. Certain enemies have unprofessed weaknesses that, if exploited, save precious time and health. Being mindful of the environment is equally as important; running into any surface will render an instant death, and three deaths yield a game over.

NIGHTSTAR: Rogue Wings boasts on its beautiful environments, sharp models and atmospheric lighting. The intense soundtrack further exaggerates the many frantic dog-fights and space battles that occur. Considering the game is still in alpha, there are a few control changes that I would like to see enacted before Rogue Wings launches, but NIGHTSTAR is a blast, and I’m very optimistic for the final release.

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