Nex Machina – Beta Sign-Up [PC]

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As we reported before regarding the mysterious Housemarque game that needed some testing for the PC platform, which would be the first game from the developers to be played and eventually released on PC, is now known as Nex Machina.

If you’re wondering, Nex Machina is a top-down action arcade voxel shooter with a crazy amount of physics and and an even ludicrous amount of visual effects to go along with it, which gamers worldwide have come to know the developers for.

Since alpha testing has ended, assuming that this was the game that they were testing, a closed beta will soon start and you can register to be a tester and hopefully get in to test your rig with what will be provided.

It’s great to see the developers finally start developing games for the PC platform, and we hope all of their future games as well as old titles to be released on here too.

Sign up for the beta by filling this form. [More info]

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