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We all know how handy and easy-to-use personal drones have become in the recent years. They are fun to play with, especially as a kid. Loads of companies have promised to try to incorporate drones into their delivery services to get the contests to the consumer as fast as possible like Amazon and some pizza businesses want to use them to deliver pizzas. Most people use them as mobile cameras to capture footage or take pictures and with the height capabilities of these miniature helicopters, it can make for some fantastic views. Nano is a company that has been making their own line of drones called Nano Racers for a while and decided to design a video game based on their drones. Nano Play a game where you fly around as the drone.

Your perspective is on the drone itself, like you are looking out from a camera that would be attached to the drone. You fly around, complete crazy maneuvers and follow a set course as well as race others with your drone. The controls for the drone feel a lot like you are flying an actual drone. It does take a little practice at first, but once you have mastered how to move your drone, it can make for a very fun experience. The game have a few levels that you can play around in and practice, which is something that is recommended you do. As it is right now, the game is very bare bones as it only has those few solo stages and a few racing courses, but it shows off their product very well, the controls are well done, and the environments are beautiful. With a little time and a little bit more added content, it can make for a much better experience and might even convince a few people to get the actual drone.

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