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MyWorld is the beginning of your next big adventure. You’ve heard that before of course, but that was the last big adventure. This is the next one so pay attention. Some of you might remember RPG Maker (or you’re still using it). MyWorld uses a different system, so let’s forget that lackluster PS2 port and any expectations that come along with it. There are a few ways to play this create-your-own adventure game, and they span both single and multiplayer modes. You can get acquainted with the gameplay by playing through pre-made worlds that come with the early access build. Whether you’re going to focus on playing the worlds, building them, or both, it’s a good idea to see how the game works on the player’s side in order to build a world that integrates design with gameplay.

You can start building your world with over 200 assets from level props to NPC’s. There are lots of options to start with that will provide for quite a while. But when those assets get a little tired and you’re in need of something fresh, the community workshop will be there to bring user-created content to your world. Maybe you’d rather have more control over the customization of your world assets, so why not make some yourself? When you’re ready for some action, you can host PVP or co-op games in your own world, or join someone else’s to see what adventures other people are creating. Get in on the early access and check out what MyWorld has to offer. I mean your world, not mine. Or maybe mine which will probably be an entire planet made up of a crypt. Good luck.

Get and download the WIP with the full game on Steam Early Access.

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