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I can only hope that one day the future finds me crashing my ship into a moon cave and exploding. In the event that this comes true, I’m hoping that I find the cave full of aliens that want to kill me. Nothing would be greater than fighting my way through moon caves to find parts to fix my ship. Not quite sure how these parts would end up in a place like that, but it looks like this is how MòŌóN goes down (I copy-pasted the title, there’s no way I’m going to try to type that for an official article). In this game that I already mentioned the title of and refuse to type again, you assume the role of this lonely dude in a space suit who’s searching for a way to fix his ship and get the heck out.

This is a 2D up down left right swing your mouse and click to shoot and maybe remember that you have a shield if you hold down the right mouse button but you’ll probably never remember to use it kind of game. How could a game combine mechanics like that with a nice pixel art style, chiptune soundtrack and manage to make it feel kind of like Metroid and the Rareware classic Jetpack? The magic of game development, people touch a computer and the game comes out and we play it. MòŌóN plays smoothly, feels responsive and really makes you kind of stop caring about finding ship parts because shooting aliens becomes way too fun the deeper you go. You start with a regular pistol, but there are plenty of other types of weapons to find along the way. You can only carry three at once, so picking up new guns after you’ve hit that limit will replace the old ones. You can also find upgraded super versions of the guns, which is pretty rad as well. Watch out for your air supply, getting hit will cause it to run out faster. Oh and don’t forget your gun uses up power so you’ll need to give it a break every few seconds to cool down and charge.

Download the prototype on itch.io.

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