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ModernHOT is a combination of two very popular First-Person Shooter games. The base game is Call of Duty : Modern Warfare that has been modded with SUPERHOT’s visuals and gameplay mechanics. It has the basic time mechanic where time slows down when you stop moving to allow you to take in your surrounding and time your actions accordingly.

Instead of the usual enemies that you would combat with, you are fighting SUPERHOT’s red characters and their attack dogs. The game has made a lot of progress through-out the competition period. They have several levels that are modeled after some of the levels from the base game and have character destruction as well, so you can see all your enemies fall apart like you would in SUPERHOT. They have made several other tweaks here and there from the enemy AI to the inclusion of throwing your gun when it is empty at your enemies.

The Call of Duty series have always had its groups of lovers and haters for various different reasons. If there was a full CoD game that took more inspiration from SUPERHOT, I don’t think there would be anyone that would complain about it at all.

Download the prototype jam on Moddb.

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