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If you’re not afraid of learning the history and lore of a strange version of the world you live in now, dive deep into the weird and macabre Miskatonic. As Charlotte LeStrange, you’re the new security guard at The Miskatonic, a school of such strange, mad and wondrous things. Accompanied by a wicked mellow soundtrack, this alpha has no other sounds, but is still enjoyable every last second. This point and click adventure mystery is dialogue heavy, focused on either conversation of commentary from Charlotte on the things she observes. You will learn a lot about an extremely detailed universe that’s brimming with strange happenings, odd creatures and hysterical script writing. As you click and read through, this game will definitely bring out your weird side (unless you don’t have one and in that case we can’t be friends, bye).

I hit save game, and I don’t believe my eyes, it says I’ve been playing for more than two hours. The pacing is very slow, but anyone who can immerse themselves in a point and click narrative-driven game, you’re in weirdo monster paradise. The story for the game world is thoroughly fleshed out, from the history of the world, to backgrounds of the characters and even media in the game world itself. Right now, I’m reading the entire series of Dead Randy, The Sexy Necromancer, which is a beautiful tale of how a Necromancer raises zombies to create a town of sexy undead for him to go on a loving spree. Yeah, Miskatonic gets freaky, in all kinds of ways. You’re missing out if you aren’t clicking through this extremely well-put together game world that’s brought to life (and death) by a huge cast of spooky weirdos. If you hit that Dropbox for the download, make sure you click one of the folders and download all the files that accompany the .exe or the game won’t run if it can’t find the .dll’s and other files.

Download the alpha build from dropbox.

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