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Ministry of Synthesis is a mind-bending 2D puzzle game where it takes planning, as well as trial and error, in order to succeed.

While Ministry of Synthesis does offer slight platforming, the real meat of the game comes from its puzzles. In each room, there is a red security door blocking you from advancing. In order to open this door, you need to match the frequency of the security gate. Throughout the levels there are oscillators, each with their own wavelength. The red security door never exactly matches the oscillators in the room, so you’ll need to combine oscillators with each other and various other conduits in order to move on. Each module has an input socket (blue) and an output socket (orange). You can only connect inputs to outputs.

As the game advances, there are different modules that are introduced which increase the challenge. For example, there are adders, which combine two frequencies, or inverters, which ostensibly just flip a wavelength upside down. A combination of all different modules is needed in order to pass.

Although it takes a bit of reasoning to see what sort of wavelength you would need to open the gate, more often than not it will also take a bit of trial and error. Experimenting with different combinations might get you onto the right track, and eventually, completing the rooms. The puzzles can get quite challenging, but no less fun. The low-tone soundtrack provides a pleasant back drop as you ponder through the various rooms. The soundtrack never clashes with the tones of the oscillators, either (although I do recommend that you crank the sound down a bit). The pixel art-style works well throughout.

Ministry of Synthesis is a challenging experience, one that might frustrate you. However, it is a fun concept. Once things start to make sense, it is quite a bit easier, and solving challenging puzzles is always rewarding, Download it for free.

Download the prototype jam on itch.

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