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Fast-paced open-world combat games have always been a favorite of mine. The combination of a massive map along with a way to just shoot across it while taking enemies heads left and right just gives you a good rush and makes it feel like you are playing a sport. In Midair, you get just that. A fasted-paced first-person shooter where the maps are massive, but you have the ability to traverse them at speeds that would make your head spin. In Midair, you play in massive 16v16 battles for several different objectives.

There is a high amount of customization that you can take to be able to play in the way that you want.  You can choose a load-out that is suited to how you want to contribute to your team and you can choose what kind of character you can play from small, to medium, to heavy. Smalls move quicker, but have less armor while heavies are the opposite. Heavy armor, but restrictive movement. Medium is your middle ground between the two. Depending on your load-out, the type of character you choose can also vary the abilities that you have. For example, the engineer has the ability to build assets out in the field. The type of character you choose will change how many charges you have to build those assets. Small has two charges, medium has three, and heavy has four. The more charges, the more you can build. That is just one example of the variations you will see and this will allow you to pick and choose what kind of character you want to play.

The art style is very smooth and unique and makes the game good to look at and the mechanics used in the game make it loads of fun to play and can make a one hour play session turn into an entire day of fast-paced combat. With the multiple game modes, like Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch, there is a lot of fun to be had with the current alpha and really makes me excited for when the game is fully released.

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