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Memory Leak is a fast-paced 1st person free running game where you need to stay on your toes and keep moving to stay alive.

In the near future, technology has become even more enveloped into our everyday lives. Predictably, when an alien race invades Earth, a technology war ensues. You’ll play as an exceptionally good freerunner, able to feats of physicality unlike most other people. You’ll use these abilities to gain an advantage over your alien intruders.   

Wall running, sliding, vaulting and somersaulting are the tricks up your sleeve that keep your enemies bested. You’ll use these tools, as well as sprinting at top speed, in order to navigate the various levels and defeat the alien invaders within Memory Leak. Enemies are slow, but deadly. You’ll need to keep moving in order to survive. Enemies cannot be attacked from the front, only from behind or up-above. You’ll need to think of a way to navigate around them just as much as you would to navigate the map, lest you be killed.

While there is combat in Memory Leak, it is more of a platformer than an action game. The true fun lies within the navigation of the levels: bouncing off of walls and sprinting towards hazards only to slide off of them is thrilling, even more so with the various enemies sprinkled throughout. Figuring out how to eliminate enemies with your abilities just adds another layer upon the already blissful movement. Do you wall run and then bounce on an alien, or do you climb above it, ready to pounce? The relatively open areas make for various options and means to complete the objectives.

Memory Leak is a thrilling adventure, one where moving around the game is honestly more fun than fighting. The nuanced strategy behind each level only offers more options and more opportunity. Download it for free.

Download the student game on its DigiPen’s page.

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