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There’s something weird and mysterious about the world of Mechanic 8230. I have yet to understand what that is, but it’s going to be quite an adventure to discover what that is. This is a 3D sidescroller point and click puzzle game set in an apocalyptic world where the player takes control of a more-than-capable mechanic. The core of this game is built off of getting to the next zone by solving a series of puzzles that are set to keep you from reaching the next area. The search for knowledge and freedom will drive you to dive deeper in this run-down steampunk universe.

The player begins in a cell, and must make their way out to really begin their adventure. It’s going to take some thorough thinking to get through these areas, as the puzzles require a strict solution, and it won’t always be as simple as it seems. There are some other characters and creatures about this world, some of which you may learn a thing or two from. Although there are others around, the atmosphere of Mechanic 8230 feels strangely isolated, as if freedom dances further away from the player the more they progress. The mechanic can only hold one object at a time, and the lack of verbal cues eventually becomes a puzzle in and of itself. Sometimes you’ll need to decipher the visual cue after clicking on objects to decipher whether or not if can be used, or if you’re wasting your time.

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