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MOBA games have been followed a very similar formula that games like League of Legends and DOTA have set. Few others have been able to stray from this and make an interesting and compelling game. Master X Master is one that I have seen be able to do this successfully. This new 3D Action MOBA is being created and published by NCSoft Studios. Now, what makes this game unique is the tag system it has implemented. You don’t play just one hero, you play two and you can swap them out at any time to suite the situation or save your other character’s skin. This allows for very complex strategies and interesting combos to be performed as well as makes it very interesting when fighting other players, as you are unable to see what the second hero is until they swap to it. The same goes for you as well.

The game has a handful of modes that you can play. There is a 3v3 arena mode where your one and only objective is to work with your teamates to get kills. This mode makes it useful when you are trying to learn a new character’s abilities and play style. Then you have your standard MOBA 5v5 mode with 3-lanes, minions travelling down those lanes, and enemies towers that you need to take out along that lane while defending your own. They will also have a story mode when the game is complete. The gameplay is very unique as well. You don’t have to work your way through the levels, unlocking new skills as you go. All of your skills are available to you at the start. The levels are used to make them more powerful and more effective. You also still have an ultimate skill, but it recharges with time and with each kill and can be used more freely. The unique playstyle for each character will mean that you will have to employ different strategies for every situation and with the use of two characters, it gives you a larger range of options. NCSoft Studios is going to be opening a closed beta started from April 6th to the 27th and I look forward to the finished game and what changes that they will make.

Sign-up for the beta on the game’s website.

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