Lycanthorn II, Free Game Download

Lycanthorn II, Free Game Download

Lycanthorn is a retro FPS made by Scumhead and inspired by old shooter games. The game is available for download for free on Itch.

Play as Rain, an adventurer returning to her homeland only to find that the vampire Nosferatu has awakened and hordes of demons have overrun her beloved land. Explore the vast open world around you as you strike down all enemies in your way. Make friends and recruit them for your journey as you uncover the 4 playable characters, each with their own unique playstyle and weapon. Apart from the massive overworld that’s free to explore, you will find 8 dungeons to clear and various different boss battles to challenge you. Collect hearts that allow you to use your special ranged ability to take out enemies before they get close and make your way cleansing the land of the vile beasts.

This game features a nice and nostalgic art-style, with 3D gameplay and 2D sprites that’s reminiscent of old shooters of that genre. If you enjoy these kinds of games, be sure to check out this one and support the author.

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