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The early access for Ludoria brought on a few different feelings for me the moment I started the game. Spawning into the world, I noticed the art style and right away it reminded me of Bomberman 64. I’m just a little girl in the wilderness and aside from the view of the ocean, the other thing that catches my eye are all the strange creatures roaming around the world like they’re on a mission. I cannot recognize what they are, so I keep my distance. The sun is going down and I figure I should make shelter, so I frantically begin to collect materials. I’m harvesting at a slow rate, which freaks me out because I feel like the gorilla golems will come over and punch me to death. I ultimately fail to create a shelter because I had no idea how to enter build mode, which took me a long time to figure out.

Searching through the dark with my flashlight, I continue to collect herbs, wood and rocks. I have no clue what I’m going to do with these things, but I figure if I collect enough, I can smash them together and build a wall so the robot birds with booster butts won’t fly over and burn me to death with their thruster hineys. I’m petrified, but I learn that I can apparently capture the essence of these creatures by scanning them. I get close enough to a flock of gorilla golems and butt booster birds and learn how far off I was. These aren’t gorilla golems, they’re rock dudes, and those aren’t butt booster birds, they’re robot’s with ring-shaped bodies and two thrusters on the bottom that allow them to fly. Suddenly, I scan a dragon and learn that I can transform into any of the creatures I scanned, allowing me to use their special abilities. My dreams have finally come true! I can be a monster with freaky powers and collect rocks! The early access of Ludoria features craftable materials that you can harvest from the world, and a set of structures you can build in order to set up a home base with containers and furniture for storing your things.

Get pre-alpha access and download the game on Steam Early Access.

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