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Bardo is not actually a silly name for that dancing, singing gnome tagging along in your D&D party, but rather it is a world of transition. Between states of existence, there is said to be a limbo of sorts, transitioning the consciousness from being asleep, to waking up. Or something more intense like life to death. Lost in Bardo will put you in the role of Sam, who is walking a path to self-discovery. The thing she’s looking for may be enlightening to the player, or it may be simple and mundane. Like most things in life, profundity isn’t always attributed to the destination, yet instead it lies within the things we discover along the way.

This point-and-click adventure is a delightful and challenging experience. The world itself has a strange atmosphere, where Sam starts out as a chef who doesn’t exactly know how that came to be. Though if you realize you’re in a world that doesn’t seem to make sense, you may just go along with whatever is happening. So Sam takes on someone slacker’s job and searches for the ingredients to make soup for this seemingly important person. Finding the ingredients and figuring out how to procure them is the base puzzle, however behind the mundane task of cooking someone’s dinner lies a deeper mystery. One that may reveal something even more strange than the task at hand…

Download the pre-alpha demo on Gamejolt.

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