[Log : 00 ], Pre-Alpha Demo Download

[Log : 00 ], Pre-Alpha Demo Download

[LOG : 00] is an Action/Parkour beat em’ up 3d platformer made by Amaury Hyde, with a demo available for download on its Itch page.

The demo is still a work in progress but the author is passionate about developing this game. Play in a chaotic and crooked world where nightmares come alive. You play as Quasimodo, an agent of Endgarden, tasked with mission to eradicate these nightmares.

The missions in this game are broken into 3 phases(find the danger, choose a plan, and fight) that take you through the narration and story. Use your parkour skills to dash, leap into an enemy or jump over obstacles in this exciting game inspired by some of the developer’s favorite games like Fragile Dreams and Mirror’s Edge.

If you enjoyed playing the demo and would like to keep up to date with the game’s development, then make sure to check out and follow the developer over at their Twitter page.

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