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Loco Motion is a top down 3D shooter that was created by ModMD user guyunger for the #MAKEITSUPERHOT Competition. You have to fight your way to get to the end of the level. The level being the interior and exterior of a train. You have to dodge and kill your way to the goal at the end of the train.

The game is very interesting as it was made entirely out of a program that not a lot of people use anymore nowadays, Flash. Your character is a charming little purple ball. Your enemies are a horde of sentient red balls that are looking to keep you from getting to the end using any means possible. You have to be careful as a swarm of shots could come at you our of nowhere. There currently isn’t too much to the demo, but for what was there was fun and makes me excited for any future updates that would be made to the game.

Download the prototype jam on Moddb.

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