Lilly, Student Game Download

Lilly – Student Game Download

Lilly, a first person mystery horror game, developed by Darko Subotin (a student) as his masters project, where you seem to play as a man trying to unravel a mystery in a family who were playing around with demon magic.

This game seemed interesting as it’s somewhat unique in its approach in the horror genre, adding mystery, entertaining clips to progress the story, flashbacks of events and so on. A welcomed fresh game in this genre, at least in our eyes, and we hope development continues into a bigger and broader game, or having the developer make a separate game but follows the same path as this masters project.

– a short game play demo made as my master thesis. This is meant to be an addition to the “Lilly” storyline that could be played as a point and click first person puzzle game with cut scenes. I am still going to make the movie, which is still in production and I am considering making small playable parts in which you could explore the story further in first person.

You can download the student game on it’s indiedb page.

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