Life is Feudal: MMO – Alpha Access

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Oh hey! I didn’t see you there cause I had to drop my draw distance to be on the safe side. Thanks for not killing me this time, I don’t get that pacifism often. Did you see any goats on the way here? Word of advice, don’t punch them. It’s not worth it man. There are more pressing issues to attend to, like figuring out how to grab some rocks. I bet you’ve been clicking the ground all the way here trying to harvest some plant fibre or flint. Well I’m not sure if anyone told you this, but there’s hella build protection all across the spawn area and it extends really far away. Go ahead, you can click the ground here and grab some rocks very slowly until you have enough to make a tool or something. I’m still trying to figure out why my craft menu keeps switching on me and won’t let me switch back to the basic crafting recipes.

I read those tutorials, and I’m glad I did because I’ve played too many survival MMO’s and figure I know how to play them all, but this game’s got a really, REALLY weird learning curve. The process of crafting is so awkward, I think the current available recipes depends on what you’re holding? Maybe I just suck, or I should read the Wiki? I guess I can go fishing at least? If I can find the recipe for making a fishing pole. Oh by the way do you have any food? I ate my salmon dinner that I spawned with, and all I have is… Wait let me look in my inventory.



Who took a dump in my bag? Why is there a literal pile of Dung x22 in my inventory? Is this how my character relieves themselves? I’m so scared I have no idea how that got in there. Do I have an invisible pet in there that takes mystery craps in my bag? Is this like a crafting ingredient? What can you craft with Dung x22? Is it human or creature Dung? Will I even have enough Dung to craft whatever it is that requires Dung? How did I get x22 of Dung?

Can I… Eat it?

Let me see what the wiki says. Apparently, you get Dung from cleaning chicken coops. I do remember clicking one but I don’t recall getting anything out of it. I guess there’s a literal Dung’O’Meter? It determines how much Dung you get when you clean the coop. I wonder what the Dung’O’Meter would say about the bottoms of my shoes when I get out of my chicken coop irl after feeding them. There’s probably Dung x9999 on my Nikes after I get out of there.

Regardless, I have some dirt, a few rocks, and branches so I’m gonna try to make some tools cause I saw someone’s cool rectangular tunnel they built near the town and it looked pretty rad. Do you want to help me build a crypt? It’s kind of my dream home type deal. Not sure if you’re into crypts like me but it can be your dream too? Wait are there undead in the game yet?

Oh Dung x22! Do you think if I email the devs, they’ll add undead mobs to the game? Well it’s only week 1, so I’ll be patient. I mean all the basics are in place, and it looks like there are tons of different things you can craft, but it’s gonna take a bit of work to get to that point. Reign of Kings took me a week to perfect my crafting progression so I think once I learn the best way to harvest and craft everything, I’ll be ready when they add in my special Crypt Carpentry Update (this is not a real thing planned by Bitbox but it totally should be wink wink).

So this is my new home, I’m gonna build a crypt here with or without you. If you want to help, you could start by flattening the ground. You’re gonna need a ton of rock and soil so you might want to craft a pick and start digging up some materials. I flattened one square but it looks like it hardly moved? This is gonna take a while. I’m guessing they set it up like this to force you to work together with a guild. That’s cute, giving an incentive to work with friends and strangers to build your dream world. Problem is, I have literally no friends (except you I guess), so we’ll be here all night. I hope you brought snacks.

Well the sun is already coming up but we don’t even have that gorgeous stone flooring done so I hope you made coffee! Man this view really makes me feel like even with Life is Feudal: MMO being in early access with a somewhat confusing UI, it’s a simulator that can make dreams come true. When I close my digital eyes and picture this land with a beautiful underground crypt, I can smell the decay of the dead, taste the dusty cobwebs and feel the cool breeze blowing bits of corpse dust against my face. The world is a beautiful place, and this game is yet another reality I can be myself in. A crypt mom with hundreds of corpse children. I know the Medieval Survival market is saturated enough to fuel a hydroelectric turbine, but each of these games brings a different atmosphere. Life is Feudal is in the early stages, but we’re going to shape another community and serve as a home for many people just as other titles have in the past. I just hope this one lets me shape a crypt. And that the same twelve-year-old who killed me in Reign of Kings and Conan Exiles doesn’t find me in LiF and steal all x22 of my Dung!

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