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Platformers are an ancient relic, and long gone are the days of the Nintendo 64 and Playstation, pummeling out genre gems. Ley Lines asks you to go back to the glory days of the puzzle platformer, where testing your wits and jumps feels like home. Ley Lines is a single player puzzle platformer where you’re tasked with restoring the severed lay lines (which are supernatural lines of concentrated power) in a goddess’ temple. Your main weapon is a bow-and -arrow imbued with magical abilities. Visually, the temple offers interesting sights, considering that you’re stuck in a temple during the game, and different colors really pop when you’re trekking throughout the temple.

Your bow has the ability to channel five different magics. You’re able to freeze time, levitate platforms, create bridges, alter gravity and teleport. Ley Lines tasks you to use these different abilities to carve your way deeper into the temple, restoring the magic throughout. Most of the abilities feel great to use, and the puzzles revolving them are taxing enough to feel like puzzle, but not too hard where you’ll get frustrated. The warp puzzles are some of the best. Playing through them brought memories of playing games like Portal. There’s also yellow-diamond collectibles to add another layer to the game. Time spent with Ley Lines was a joy, boasting nostalgia and backing it up with engaging and rewarding gameplay. I didn’t finish the game, but I can’t help return to the puzzles waiting to be beaten.   

Download the student game here.

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