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Listen up sheeple! Nah, I’m kidding, I’ve just always wanted a reason to say that and now it’s relevant. When an evil mastermind has taken over your hometown and brainwashed everyone, what are you going to do? Be one of the herd and do what everyone else is doing? It’s a lot of work avoiding being a square, and apparently, it’s your job to take out that power hungry sad dude and take the town back. As the leader of the ironically-named Shepherds, a group of rebels, you’ll be the beacon of hope to those who ignored Sum 41 and became a casualty of society. Propaganda is the key to winning this, but you spread positivity and truth, so you won’t need it. Instead, you’ll be fighting it with your structures of radness to bring, oh krud, I’m gonna say it, “good vibes”.

So what are we working with here? Instead of Kalashnikov, we have strongholds that we can place in an RTS-like fashion. So as those sheeple putt around town like zombies, we can strategically place these structures to send out those rad waves that might break them out of their oppressive and mundane cycle of living. It’s a very quick game, and you need to work faster to keep the sheeple from entering the lair of the mastermind. The longer they stay brainwashed, the more they’re inclined to waddle right into his clutches and stay forever. If you can place those structures in their path to spread just the right amount of radness, maybe they’ll snap out of it and join your rebellion.

Download the game jam prototype on itch.io.

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