Late Night Shop – Pre-Alpha Download

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We’re always looking for games that try to reach out to new landscapes, ones that are outside of the much played games with the generic progression and play-style, and Late Night Shop is one of those games. A first person horror adventure game where you go up against manikins that will move and come after you when you’re not looking, making for a great continuations suspenseful experience.

While this gameplay idea isn’t completely new and have been used in a few older games, it’s always welcomed as we don’t have nearly enough of them with different takes on the art and adventure itself. What’s cool about the mechanic this time around is that it’s utilizing the VR tech, so combining this gameplay element that focuses on you vision with VR brings the game that much more to life, and increases its immersiveness to a high degree.

Download the pre-alpha build here.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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