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If you’ve ever read The Road by Cormac McCarthy, or seen the film adaptation that came out three years later, it’s terrifyingly immersive story that portrays a post-apocalyptic world where human greed and desperation are the driving values. You can imagine exactly what would happen when the food is scarce and people run out of livestock. Humans become a commodity, and survival is now much more than getting a job and paying bills. In Lambs on the Road, you play as a man whose wife just passed and has a missing daughter. Hope is literally all you have, because there’s a good chance she didn’t make it either.

Immediately upon starting the game you’re faced with navigating a decaying city, littered with obstacles and crazed humans. In this 2D survival horror you’ll be interacting with the environment through most of your quest to find your daughter, and the rest of it you’ll be running from the deranged members of your species. You have a health meter, but sometimes that won’t matter when you fall into an insta-death scenario such as being shot or falling into the mangled rebar foundation of a building. You might survive some falls, but you can’t survive them all. Pacing plays a large part in this game, and if you don’t time your jumps, or walk too fast, you’re going miss your landing and make an even further one at the pavement. There are disturbing moments and hair-raising events triggered in this one so you better be prepared for grief and struggle, because anything beyond that is a miracle.

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