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Labyrinth is more than the simple title would suggest. This online strategy title combines so many different elements from RPGs, card games and strategy to create a fresh new experience for those seeking online strategy battles. I can’t sit here and explain how everything in the game works, but let’s go through some of the features that makes this game so addicting (I just tried it and I have to break away just to write this). Party members are placed on the grid, and pitted against enemies typically guarding a dungeon. There is a story mode, and the first playthrough will find you completing five missions to meet the characters of the game and get acquainted with the gameplay mechanics. There’s a lot to take into consideration when running a raid on another dungeon, so take the time to prepare before you jump in. Each party member has a specific deck of cards associated with them that influences their abilities, like warrior, rogue or mage techniques.

Turns are determined on a timeline displayed at the top of the screen. Each card has a cost number at the top right corner, and when you play the card, your turn is moved down the queue on the timeline. If you play a card that cost’s two points and your opponent has played one that costs one point, they’re going to get a chance to make another turn before you can do anything. This is something that should always be at the back of your mind when making decisions on what to play for each of your party members. The game allows players to assign defenses to their dungeons, creating a strategic defense, and to raid other players’ dungeons. Your party members will level up, and new cards will be thrown your way as you complete raids. In addition, you’ll earn gold, which can be spent in the store for more booster packs!

Download and play the beta on Steam.

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