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Farming RPG games have always been one of my favorite genres. It is relaxing, they are really fun, the other characters have a lot of personality and how your character interacts with them is always great. Learning about the world around you is always a joy as you slowly grow your farm from a few crops to a full fledged farm. That is why I’m excited for Pixelcount Studios newest 2D Sandbox Adventure, Kynseed. It has everything that I love about farming simulators and looks fantastic with its pixel-like graphics.

You are the son of an old farmer. You are awoken from an early morning nap and given a list of objectives to complete. After that, you are just given more and more tasks as the days go by that teaches you how to play the game as well as has you explore the world that you are in. Interaction with people and animals are set to a radius system that allows you to choose what interaction you want to have with that person/animal.

The world is very large and expansive. The environments are all look amazing with the graphics. The people that you can speak to all have their own personality It is currently in its alpha stage, so it is very early, but that just means that more and more features will be added to the game and I’m very excited for that.

Download the prototype build on

Here’s a Let’s Play video for the game by TookiPalooki

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