Klepto – Beta Download

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Howdy there partner, welcome to my world! my name is Klepto and I want to become the most dangerous criminal in the Wild West.

Klepto is a brand new Indie game made by Contrary Scholars. The story goes that Klepto has made himself a cardboard Wild West simulation to train himself to become a master criminal.

The description of the game says “This version of the game features 5 distinct levels themed around the Wild West (or at least Klepto‘s misguided perceptions of the Wild West)”. You find Klepto’s misguided perception of the Wild West back in the O so stereotypical cowboy music and every building we all know from the Lucky Luck comics.

The game already has great visuals as well as being very challenging, with five nicely designed levels and an awesome theme to go with it. Aside from some technical issues to deal with, it’s definitely fun to play.

Download the beta on the game’s itch page.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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