Kill It With Fire, Demo Download

Kill It With Fire: Ignition, Demo Download

Kill It With Fire: Ignition is a spider exterminating game made by Casey Donnellan Games LLC. A free demo of the game is available for download on Steam.

Do you hate spiders? Do you enjoy beating these 8 legged creatures into a pulp? Then as long as you don’t suffer from arachnophobia, this game is for you. Enter a spider infested home and, as a hired spider exterminator, use whatever means necessary to finish the job. Collect equipment, use high-end devices to locate the spiders and use your arsenal of weapons to lay waste to the land. From shuriken’s and clipboards to guns and even explosions, you’ll find yourself wondering whether or not the family hiring you was better off leaving the spider situation as it is. Make sure to try this game if you’re looking for some fun destruction to relieve some stress.

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