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Here’s another clever first-person puzzle that combines platformer elements with a unique mechanic that allows players to manipulate the game level. KHROMA is a Global Game Jam entry that presents a simple goal, get to the prism, and places obstacles around it that can only be viewed on a different frequency. Red, Green, and Blue are the three frequencies that can be tuned from the player’s power glove, and each of them will reveal a level prop of that color. The puzzles are made up of level components set up like an obstacle course with missing parts. One look ahead and you might wonder, “how am I supposed to jump that far?” when really, you might be able to simply walk to the next platform.

The game revolves around tuning the frequencies on the glove to reveal the hidden level props and platforms. When tuning, the time freezes, allowing the player a moment to try all three frequencies to see which one will reveal the right platform to jump on. There are times where quick frequency changing in mid air is necessary, should you need to tune into the green channel to reveal the next platform, but you’re standing on red that will disappear when you change frequencies. They don’t just go invisible, they disintegrate, dropping you should you be standing on one that belongs to a channel you’re tuning out of. There’s handful of courses that will require some quick tuning, the rest is up to your acrobatics.

Download the game jam prototype build on the GGJ page.

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