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Through the development of a game, a lot can change with not only the visuals, but with the game itself. It is common knowledge that before the creation of the popular shooter, Halo, it was originally being created as a RTS game. We know it know to be a very successful and fun FPS franchise now, but this is just one example of how things can change. Another example of this is a new 2D, indie fighter called Kerfuffle. It had started out as a fighting game and it still kept to that genre, but it was much different at the beginning of its development.

For one, you originally played as a colored square and you battle with other differently colored squares using swords. The controls were simple. You run around and hit the opponents with your sword. Depending on their damage, they would fly away at various speeds and distances. Knock them out of the arena and you take the match. Your only defensive option was either be quicker than your opponent on the offensive or dash out of their attack. Now, the squares have been replaced with a cast of cute alien characters and instead of a sword, they all have their own custom moves and weapons. The defensive options have also been increased ten-fold. Not only can you still dodge out of the way of attacks, you can even perform a just defend or counter your opponent. The stages have also gotten a boost in quality and variance as you can fight in several alien worlds.

With these changes, the game has certainly improved to make a more in depth and visually appeasing game, but that is not to talk down the original version. Without that, we wouldn’t have the fun, chaotic fighter that we now have in Kerfuffle.

Sign up for the beta on the game’s website.

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