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KEANUEWARE is a 3D first person shooter created by ModDB user Codybean1 for the #MAKEITSUPERHOT Competition. It is a very interesting entry that is consistent of two acts. The Story Act and the Minigame Act. You start off chasing a blue man who has stolen something from you. You are chasing him through-out the facility, taking out the red men who are trying to kill you and the blue man. It looks like they are after the item just as much as you are.

Once an event happens, you are then taken out of the Story Act and thrown into the Minigame Act and that is where every thing gets really interesting. It plays a lot like WarioWare or Dumb Ways to Die where you have to complete a random task in a certain amount of time. The more tasks completed, the less time you are given for the next task. Fail a task and you lose a life, but survive enough tasks and you gain a life. It is an interesting a fun game with plenty of secrets and other fun mechanics that I don’t want to spoil for you. Once you start playing, it may be hard to stop.

Download the prototype jam game on Moddb.

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