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It’s B-ball night at the rec center, and there’s a bigger turnout in the crowd than you expected. You’re pretty stoked that such a huge audience showed up for your basketball game, but you’re still confused nonetheless. One of the event coordinators shows up before the ballers hit the court to inform you that someone announced that there was also a Karate tournament tonight as well. That’s weird, and awkward because all these people are here to see either your game, or the tournament. Good thing you also love Karate, so let’s give them what they came for, Karate Basketball. You’re probably not even wondering how to play Karate Basketball, because it should be pretty obvious. It’s a game of B-ball, except you kick the crap out of each other. No referees, no rules, all fun, (and a lot of pain in the groin area).

The game is a simple 2V2 match about 5 minutes long, and can be played with up to four human players. With two on each team, you simply run, pass and shoot the ball and score points like any basketball game. However, you can kick your opponents to steal the ball, or duck and roll out of the way to avoid said kicking. Also, someone must have let the WWE fans into the rec center, because there are random weapons being thrown into the court throughout the game. There are crow bars, spiked bats and even a Bo-Staff being thrown in, which you can pick up and chuck at your opponents to knock the ball away. It’s clear that your characters aren’t exactly Karate practitioners, more like they’ve seen one Jackie Chan film and thought it was all about nut kicking and throwing objects to initiate a Buster Keaton style chain of events. Though with this limited set of techniques, slam-dunks and ball-kicking (not talking about the basketball) never felt so good.

Download the game jam build on itch.io.

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