KAKU: Ancient Seal, Alpha Download

KAKU: Ancient Seal, Alpha Download

KAKU: Ancient Seal is a third person adventure puzzle game made by BINGOBELL. There’s an alpha build you can download over at its Steam page.

Play as Kaku, a teenage adventurer embarking on a mission to save the world. Explore the land with your pet companion as you hack at the enemies you encounter and collect the loot. You will find bosses with unique powers and abilities that will stand in your way. As you harness the power of the four ancient elements, you will gain new abilities and defeat your foes. The combat system is very easy and inspired by arcade games.

Collect nearby resources to aid in your survival, from herbs and minerals to arrows used to shoot down your enemies. Craft medicine, cook food and much more.

The game currently offers three maps for open-world exploration, each with their enemies to fight and puzzles to solve: the Temple of Fire, floating Island and desert canyon. While they still need to be polished and optimized, the visuals look detailed and vibrant. The game is also in Chinese, but the majority of the UI language can be changed to English by following the steps provided by the developers.

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