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Lingerings of a dark and sinister experiment trail slowly behind as you escape the decrepit hospital in Insanity, playing as a third-person survival horror where you must escape your nightmares (literally). You play as Hermann, a man accused of heinous and unspeakable crimes, but claiming to be innocent. Hermann wakes after some unknown experiment (surgery) bound to a gurney in a grimy hospital. How he got there is a mystery, but knowing he needs to get out is perfectly clear. However, no one wants him to leave. You’ll have to sneak and run your way past guards, hospital attendants and monsters.

The main gameplay mechanic in Insanity is the ability to possess and control other people. Hermann is too weak to do anything himself, other than walking and crouching. He needs to help of other people to aid in his escape, willing or not. If you possess someone for too long, though, it’ll be too taxing on your mind and it’ll be game over. Close on your trail is a masked abomination that came from Hermann’s own nightmares. The monster stalks you throughout the hospital, never too far behind you.

Insanity’s visuals are gritty, but apt, enticing you to want to leave the dilapidated hospital even more. The audio is ambient and unsettling. Crazed attendants muttering “kill” as you sneak by will send chills up your spine, and the monster’s screech as it hunts for you will make your heart pound. Insanity’s excellent audio, fitting visuals and entertaining gameplay make for a truly immersive experience.  

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