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Infinity Inc. is an indie game being developed by only one single person by the tag of The Shpufa on Game Jolt. This game takes place in a world where humanity has completed one thing that we all wish that we could do. They have learned how to create a perfect clone. Not only that, but they can create clones without any use of resources. All you need is a specific gun. Sure, you can fire giant energy waves out of the gun, but you can also use it to clone yourself. But, this is not a good thing. Clones have ruined the future of humanity by destroying the world as we know it. They are going off, taking the originals jobs, their homes, even fooling their loved ones. It is your job to try to fix this issue and help anyone that you can along the way.

The game mechanics are based around your ability to create a perfect clone of yourself by firing the gun. You can use this clone to traverse the world and complete an array of puzzles. The good news is that the puzzles solutions usually end with the horrific death of one of the characters, so no need to worry about the other clone. Once one version is dead, you immediately take control of the one still alive and continue your adventure. Your clone can do everything that you can do and gets their own clone gun, but you are only allowed to make one copy of yourself. Makes things a lot less confusing when trying to figure out which one you want to move along as you leave the rest to their short fates. Using your clone can also assist you in getting to areas that you would not be able to normally reach yourself by using your double jump, cloning in mid-air, and then performing another double jump. You would think that it would matter to remember who the original was, but when you can create a perfect clone of yourself, the only one that will care is you.

Download the pre-beta demo on GameJolt.

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