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IN is an indie puzzle platforming game, one that’s available to download in beta demo form, developed by Epopeia. In the game your objective is to get a cube from one point to another, facing various obstacles along the way.

The game starts you off on a tutorial level, and is followed by four puzzles that are relatively easy, and is followed by an additional puzzle the developer added specifically to be challenging, it isn’t too challenging to figure out, but the controls make it a little hard to get you to where you want to go.

To complete each level, you must control a cube which has a circular symbol on it, and you must get it to a shrine with the corresponding symbol. To do this, you’re given multiple cubes with different symbols on them, each symbol represents a trap or obstacle it is invincible to. You need to move these cubes and place them strategically so you can get to the end.

In my opinion the game is fun, but it can be a little frustrating. since the cubes are physics based, I found myself getting stuck a few times, but luckily nothing too bad that I needed to start over. Speaking of which, as of right now there is no restart option, if you press escape it takes you to the main menu, but you’ll have to start all of the levels over again.

There is a lot of trial and error in this game, like if you fall off a platform you have to rearrange the cubes so you can get back up, and repeat that until you finally get to the exit, which can get a little annoying. The game’s controls feel a little unresponsive, it takes a second before the cube starts to move, and that’s not very good for a platforming game. It starts to get frustrating after a little bit.

The music in the game is ok in my opinion, it’s nothing really too special, however, the music did get needlessly intense for a game like this which is more on the calmer side.

As of right now IN is more of a fun little time waster, I don’t see it as a game I would invest too much of my time in, but this game does have potential to be rather good.

Download the beta demo on the game’s Gamejolt page.

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