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Fueled with rage and a penchant for killing, in I’ll Kill the Last Alien, the player will have to do what hurts most: not murder any aliens.

I’ll Kill the Last Alien is a top-down bullet-hell with a sadistic twist: you’re immortal, but you can’t kill any aliens. You drop into the world with a conviction to murder every alien you see. As soon as you fight the coming onslaught, you’ll meet the big-bad alien himself. However, after he’s killed, you’re sent back in time. Fated to kill him again, yet this time, you have time-slowing abilities, and you can’t murder any other alien along the way. If you do, you’re sent back in time (which is ostensibly just restarts the level).

Simply touching an alien will slice him to pieces. The aliens shoot ubiquitous projectiles at you. You can absorb up to four, but after the fifth projectile, you go berserk, shooting deadly projectiles and mowing down anything in your path. Normally, that would sound awesome. Considering you can’t kill any enemies, your supercharged attack becomes a hazard to manage. Managing innate dodging, rolling, timing and the ability to slow time is paramount for success in I’ll Kill the Last Alien.

The upbeat, midi-soundtrack doesn’t satiate the desire to take down the hordes of aliens, rather, it makes the need much more apparent. Keeping the music intense keeps in theme with the game: subverting expectations and clashing ideas. I’ll Kill the Last Alien is frustrating when it contradicts innate nature, yet completing the short game is so satisfying. After quenching the thirst to kill, saving it for the big-bad one more time was well worth it, especially considering it is a free download.

Download the prototype jam on itch.io.

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