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Dragon Ball Z. It is a series that nobody has gotten away without at least hearing about it at one point or another. Between the manga, the anime, and the array of games, it has become a very popular series due to its over-the-top fights and how much the characters will break the power scale. As with any popular series, it also has its own set of fan games. A recent one called Hyper Dragon Ball Z is one of these game.

Hyper Dragon Ball Z is a 2D pixelated fighting game using the customizable fighting-game engine, MUGEN. You can play as some of the most powerful characters from the series and battle with other characters from the series. There are only 9 characters currently available, but there are plenty of others coming along the way, all decked out with their unique move-set and with all the super destructive attacks from the main series. You can play as the lovable main hero, Goku, in either his normal form or in his SSJ form. You can play as the cunning Piccolo or as the hilarious Mr. Satan. In the main series, it is very clear who would win against who, but this game has been crafted very well. All the characters are balanced and can make for some very interesting fights. You can create massive, devastating combos, get the drop on the opponent with a quick cross-up attack, of try to interupt their attacks by countering their actions. This game takes quite a bit of skill and general knowledge of fighting game and fans of fighting games in general will quickly take a liking to it.

The pixel-art is amazing and very accurate, the animations are great and over-the-top, the mechanics are precise, the stages look amazing and are a joy to fight on. This game has been made with a lot of care and love and that has created an amazing fighting game. Fans of the Dragon Ball Z series and fighting game fans will certainly enjoy the experience created by this game and will love the quality at which it has been made.

Download the fan game from description below this video. [Video went down. Here’s a direct link to download the game]

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